Beyond has the experience developers need to help them purchase, plan, market, and sell new developments in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas. 

“Beyond will get to know your new builds inside and out.”

Marketing & Presales 

Beyond represents developers and uses her large network to find investors and other buyers for upcoming apartments, townhomes, or subdivisions. She’s also well connected with marketing experts to help you expand your reach. With your best interests in mind, she will stay connected through the process and help you achieve your development and investment goals.

List New Builds

Let’s find you the perfect buyer for your move-in-ready spec homes. Beyond will get to know your new builds inside and out, partnering with you to bring in happy buyers.

Discover Development Possibilities

Beyond is passionate about working with up-and-coming developers and sharing her knowledge to help you launch a new career path. She’s eager to guide new developers from land acquisition through finished, gorgeous, and happily owned homes.

What makes Beyond the best realtor for developers in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas?

  • Beyond stays on top of current trends and market demand to help you pursue the right projects.
  • She shares her knowledge of capital & financing, keeping it simple and guiding you through the process.
  • Her large network of professionals provide a platform to showcase your project as well as garner help from other specialists when required.
  • Beyond is thorough and honest about risks, working to reduce risk wherever possible.
  • Her experience and connections to the right professionals can help you navigate development permits and avoid or address things like zoning problems, neighborhood complaints, or environmental concerns.

Are you an investor, general contractor, or perhaps someone in the finance sector, looking to explore Real Estate Development?

Real Estate Development is the toughest branch of Real Estate, and not for the faint hearted. Anyone considering this path will undoubtedly need to build a team around them to rely on. As a seasoned realtor, investor, and a developer herself, Beyond knows how important it is to collaborate with trustworthy professionals.

Your mind might be brimming with big possibilities, or perhaps, you really want to embark on this journey, but intimidation is holding you back.

Remember that there is no shame in small beginnings. Every “big developer” had to start somewhere. Your first development adds to your credentials and can often be the catalyst to even more opportunities. 

With Beyond to help guide you through the process, you can bring beautiful homes into growing communities, through a successful development.

Meet with Beyond to explore further how you could begin or continue your development journey.

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