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I grew up with parents and family members who had an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of adventure. I lived in Kenya, Africa for a year when I was 9 years old. I’ve always loved to travel and have been going on adventures since I was very young. Being in new places excites me.

However, I was not thrilled to be told by my mom that we would be moving to Canada for good, at age 19. Leaving behind my family, friends, and culture was difficult at such a pivotal age. In May 2007 I hopped on a plane with my mom and became a new immigrant of Canada. The first city we settled in was Langley, BC. It was a quiet and sprawling town at that time, with a population of just over 110,000. Compared to my hometown, Wenzhou China, with 8 million people, I felt lost.

I was extraordinarily blessed to have received help and support right away from our Chinese community in Langley. My mom did not know English well, so one of her new friends from church helped me navigate transportation, schooling, and confusing necessities like getting my SIN card. It truly felt like I was starting off with a new identity. I’m most grateful for the care and kindness from people around me when I first came to Canada. I would not have adjusted so well without them.


I tried a few careers in accounting/financial management, hospitality, and even attempted to start my own business in the food industry. However, I didn’t find my calling until I got licensed to become a real estate agent.

Being a real estate agent was the perfect opportunity for me to give back to my community, to help and support people just like I was helped. It fills my heart to be part of my clients’ life journey. I have been working as a Realtor in Chilliwack since 2015. It is my true passion to help clients achieve success by making the right real estate decisions and to assist them in their paths towards greater financial freedom.


My dream is to work with good people and be part of their success.

I love working with young families, striving each day to provide a loving home and beautiful opportunities for their children. As a mom of two young children myself, I identify with the needs and goals of families, and care a great deal about helping them achieve those goals.

I enjoy serving other immigrants like myself from around the world, working hard and carving out their place. I have clients from China, Mexico, Japan, and Eastern Europe, all who’ve traveled across the world for the Canadian dream.

I also love working with business professionals and entrepreneurs, helping strategize their moves to create financial security and freedom. I get excited about crunching numbers on rental pro-formas, and analyzing whether a property is the right investment for my clients.

My business has grown solely thanks to referrals from friends, family, and past clients. Something unique about Go Beyond Real Estate is that my clients have close relationships and friendships, built over common interests. This interwovenness is seen each year at Client Appreciation Events, where clients often stay for hours catching up with each other.

With all these incredible clients, I feel like I’m already living my dream.


My husband Jeff and I had a goal early in our marriage, to work towards financial freedom. Instead of waiting until we were older to pursue real estate investments, we educated ourselves to make smart investments young. We now work together as partners to help clients of all ages achieve their goals.

We are passionate about the FIRE movement, “Financial Independence, Retire Early!” FIRE is about creating an intentional lifestyle, with mindful spending and diligent saving.

People can reach these goals more quickly when they’ve created passive income through investing. We help empower people to grow their wealth through real estate investments, so that they can create the life they really want, not just for today, but for the future!

You don’t have to retire early if you love your job like I do. But providing yourself the ability to choose how you spend your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and the people you love.


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