beyond visscher


BEYOND VISSCHER’s life is rooted in hard work and a relentless drive to achieve excellence in her professional goals and personal dreams. Beyond believes that her passion for real estate is not just a career or business for her, but a lifestyle. Beyond takes pride in her work and feels most accomplished by the trust and friendship she earns while helping her clients through real estate sales. She has her fingers on the pulse of the market and loves using new technology to keep her edge.

Beyond builds her life on traditional core values – she believes in good communication, patience and taking the time to enjoy what matters most in life. Her understanding of a balanced working life helps her stay focused, positive and healthy. Beyond specializes in Chilliwack residential properties and investment/rental properties. She strives to help her clients find ideal places to live and secure opportunities to invest.

  • Residential
  • Investments
  • English & Mandarin Service 
  • Commercial
  • Property Management
  • Reliable & Friendly